What You Need to Know About Flagsticks In Golf

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Golf has many accessories included in the game. The hole, flags, flagsticks, tee markers, range ball basket, and many more. The list is endless! While the function of flagsticks is simple, the significance of their use is important. There are also some penalties and other terms associated with flagsticks that you must know as a beginner golfer. A better understanding of the terms used in the game for golf flagsticks and flags will add to your experience and give you worth your money.

Here is all you need to know about flagsticks in golf-

What is a Flagstick?

In the full rule edition provided by the USGA and R & A in the Rules of Golf, the definition of a flagstick is- “A movable pole provided by the committee that is placed in the hole to show players where the hole is. The flagstick includes the flag and any other material or object attached to the pole.” These materials and objects include golf flagstick accessories.

In a separate section of the Rules of Golf, called the Equipment Rules, the governing bodies add more details about a flagstick. Here are some features of a flagstick according to the USGA-

  • It should be circular in cross-section.
  • It cannot include any shock-absorbing material or other material that might influence the movement of the golf ball.
  • It can be any height, but the USGA recommended height is at least seven feet.

What are the Various Names for the Flagstick?

A flagstick and a pin are interchangeably used by golfers and are synonymous. Golfers also use the term “flag” instead of the flagstick. However, the governing bodies only use the term flagstick which is technically the more accurate term. So, you should ask for a flagstick or golf flag pole when you are looking for golf flagsticks for sale.

What is Meant by Tending a Flagstick?

The role of the flagstick during a play is to mark the various positions of holes on the green. The flags attached to the top of a flagstick represent the positions front, center, and back for a golfer. When a golfer putts a ball, another golfer or a caddie stands next to the flagstick and removes it before the ball reaches the hole.

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