DIY Backyard Putting Green | What Equipment Do You Need?

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Having a putting green you can use at any hour of the day, to relieve some stress, is a dream. Now, you can achieve it yourself by DIY-ing a backyard putting green at home! Installing your own backyard putting green can save you tons of time and money. While the process of installing a backyard putting green is simple, you should understand the tools and equipment you’ll need to make it easier.

Here is a list of equipment you will need apart from other golf accessories online to DIY backyard putting green.

#1- Hose: Using a hose, you can easily make out the shape of your putting green. Since most shapes of putting green are irregular, the flexible nature of a hose helps create them quickly. These shapes can be kidney bean, sausage, bone, free-styled, and square. Once you make out the shape of your putting green, spray paint around the hose to get the markings on the ground. Afterward, remove the hose and begin your work.

#2- Synthetic turf- Using synthetic green is a much-preferred option over using real grass. Synthetic green does not need any maintenance, it stays green year-round, and you can easily replace it, if damaged. It is temperature and weather-resistant and highly durable. Moreover, you can get synthetic green in various qualities and types. They range from $5 to $25 a meter, depending on the quality and installation charges.

#3- Road base: Next thing you need is a road base. It will level the ground and give you the turf support you need. Simply spread it around using a rake and do you best to keep it even across the entire base. To ensure your base is level you can use a height gauge which is explained in the next step. 

#4- Height gauges: You can use some DIY methods to measure the height of your turf. However, high accuracy is required in installing a putting green turf, and it is preferred to purchase a professional height gauge. Digital height gauges will cost you anywhere between $130 and $200.

#5- Cement: The base for the turf needs to be solid. So, you will need to spread the cement over the ground, then some sprinkle water, and flatten it using a whacker. Once you have completed that, your base should be as hard as concrete once completely dried.

Hint: Make sure to locate and make all the holes for your cup placement before you add any water. It's hard to make holes in cement once it dries!

#6- Crusher dust: To remove any bumps, made during the process, spreading crusher dust will be able to uniformly fill in any gaps or bumps that have been missed. This will ensure your putting green will be flatter and more even than before. Once that has been completed, you can lay your desired turf over your road base and cut out any excess. 

#7- Turf Pegs: To prevent your DIY backyard putting green from moving with the wind, install turf pegs. Turf pegs ensure your backyard putting green stays in place. These will be easy to install and hardly noticeable, especially if the turf pegs are green. 

#8- Cups and Flags: Once everything above has been installed you are ready to purchase the proper golf accessories online like golf cups and flagsticks for your putting green! Happy putting!

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