Guide to Design and Build the Best Backyard Putting Green

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Golfing on weekends is so much fun! But why wait for the weekends to drive all the way to the golf club when you can have one in your own backyard? A backyard putting green is excellent for enhancing your golfing skills quickly. It’s also great for hosting wonderful barbeque parties with a personal golfing putt. Designing and building your own backyard putting green can make golfing so much more fun than it already is!

Here is a complete guide to designing and building the best backyard putting green.

Step #1- Scale-Out a Dedicated Area: First, you need to decide where to place your backyard putting green and how big it should be. You can be creative with the placement too depending on your preferences. There is no need to exclude or cut down trees, shrubs, pipes, etc. from your field as they can act as game obstacles to improve your golfing skills.

Step #2- Select a Design: You can cut the artificial grass in any shape you want. Most backyard putting greens are bean, bone, sausage, square, and free-shaped. You can also buy golf products online to include obstacles in the course.

Step #3- Position the Cups: Place the golf putting hole cups strategically over the course, increasing the difficulty level with each one. Try avoiding direct hits and allow targeting from multiple sides for the most fun.

Step #4- Mark Launch Areas: Spray down various starting points. You can also be creative and have additional launch areas — like from a small turf on your porch — if you choose to buy golf accessories online

These areas can be anywhere on or around the yard or porch, so it's best not only if you have extra space available.

You can spray down various starting points to keep your game fun and interesting; this will help players know where they're going when approaching their target! You might also consider buying golf accessories online such as golf flags to help with your golf game.

Step #5- Choose the Right Putting Green Material: You can get poly and nylon material putting green. Nylon turf is more expensive but is also more durable and elastic. Moreover, it has more temperature resistance and provides the fastest roll when completely infilled. At the same time, poly material offers a greater green speed.

Step #6- Select the Right Fringe Material: Fringe can affect how your ball is caught during a putting game. If you use a taller fringe, it will catch the ball if it goes outside the putting surface. A shorter fringe offers more freedom, and you can play ball easily on the fringe itself too.

Step #7- Install Your Putting Green: Installing putting green is like installing artificial grass. Follow the steps below to install putting green:

  • Spread 2” deep of rock, smooth, and compact. 
  • Lay in 1.5” of fines, smooth, and compact. Keep testing your course to ensure there is no natural slope. Add more in fillers to reach your desired green speed.
  • Roll out turf, fringes and stake it into the ground.
  • Lastly, install cups and flags around your putting green. 

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