Golf Flag Colors Explained for Beginner Golfers

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To play golf, you must know more than just “whacking” the ball. The first thing is to understand the basic rules of the game. Only a few, apart from the players, understand the significance of the various golf course products. The golf flag is one such accessory that most people need to learn to avoid confusion and deepen their knowledge of the game. While some use custom designs in flagsticks, there are four primary colors of flags that you will notice on most greens. These colors are red, blue, white, and yellow. Understanding the meaning of every color will help you enjoy the game even more than it already does.

Here we explain the various colors for golf regulation flags!

What are the Various Golf Flag Colors?

Here we explain the golf flag colors for beginner golfers, and just so you are aware, you can buy golf products online at

#1- Red flag: A red golf flag indicates that the hole is on the front side of the putting surface.

#2- Blue flag: A blue flag on the green represents a hole at the back end. Sometimes, you can also see a black flag here.

#3- Yellow flag: A yellow flag is also used in the back of the green but on the left side.

#4- White flag: A white flag is placed in the center of the course. It helps indicate the position of other flags.

Why are Golf Flags Color-Coded?

Whether you are a beginner golfer or simply enjoy watching the game, you first notice the green course with flags. Golfers at the course use these flags to know the position of holes and as visual clues to make their next shot and precisely land the ball where they wish it to be. The various positions relative to the green are the front, center, and back.

How are the Golf Flags Used?

Golf flags can be used on their own, or the course you play in can have a primary and secondary flag on the same flagstick. Sometimes the positioning of the flags on the flag pole indicates where the hole can be found relative to the green. Here are some cases you should know about-

  • Flag at a top position: Indicates the hole has been cut at the back section of the green.
  • Flag at a central position: Indicates the hole is cut in the central part of the green.
  • Flag at a low position: Indicates the hole is in the front third of the green.

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