Preparing the Surface for Best DIY Putting Green Installation

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Putting greens are excellent for training yourself at your own pace and time. You can learn putting, pitching, and chipping skills to improve your golf skills. Moreover, you can also understand the various basics of controlling the distance and judging the green. Not just these, installing a personal putting green is also a great way of upgrading your backyard and turning it functional. However, if you are trying to save money and install your putting green yourself, you should do thorough research.

The surface hidden under the artificial turf is as important as the green. Here is how you should prepare the surface for the best DIY putting green installation!

Steps for Preparing the Surface for DIY Putting Green Installation-

A good putting green can make the entire difference in improving your putting strokes. Preparing the surface is essential, as your foundation should be correct to lay down the turf. Here are the steps to prepare the surface for DIY putting green installation-

Step #1- Mark the site of putting green installation: Mark down the area with ground markers, stake rods, and colored cords to get an idea of which land is supposed to be prepared. 

Step #2- Pinpoint underground hazards: It is crucial that you find out about any underground water or electrical line going through your putting green area. Try to shift them to another location if you can. Remove any unwanted water sprinkler heads to clear the area. Do the same for any electrical components or fixtures in the marked zone. Ensure your plumbing and electrical outlets still work after you remove the ones in your putting green area.

Step #3- Remove the existing vegetation: The natural vegetation in the marked area should be dug out upto two inches for artificial turf installation. You can do it manually using gardening tools like a pickaxe, shovel, and sod cutter.

Step #4- Check the drainage capacity of your soil: The drainage capacity of your soil will help determine the aggregate type you will require. If the drainage is free, a standard base of sand is enough. However, you will need an extra stone layer sub-base for inhibited drainage.

Step #5- Prepare your installation base: Once you have checked everything, you are ready to install your base. Ensure using a high-quality base and suitable aggregate for best results.

Step #6- Compact the area: Ensure there is no uneven or unleveled surface by dampening the base and using a roller compactor to achieve at least 90% compaction. Your surface is then ready for other golf flagstick accessories.

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