The Club Buddy

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The purpose of The Club Buddy is to hold 3 clubs and it easily attaches to your golf bag.  It is used primarily around the greens.  Simply attach your putter, chipping wedge, and sand wedge for easy access.  This way when you reach the green you will have all of the clubs you'll need in one hand and you won't have to search your golf bag for the correct club.  It can also be used for cart path only situations and par 3 courses.


One of the best features is that it will keep you from forgetting your clubs around the green.  Clubs are very expensive to replace.  Especially if you have a matched set of clubs.  It also helps to keep your grips dry and clean and saves your back from bending over to pick up clubs.  A lot of golfers have told us that not having to bend over all the time adds to their golf experience, so they enjoy the game more.  It also keeps the chemicals that golf courses use off of your grips.  So there is an environmental benefit to the end user.


The Club Buddy has an easy carry handle and it's easy to use. It's less than one pound and is made of very durable nylon/fiberglass components.